Nice Guys Photography Rebrands To Avari Studios

Three years ago, I started my trek to master the art that I fell in love with, photography. It is a medium that helped me appreciate the natural beauties of the world around me, and it gave me the ability to document important moments in peoples' lives. Soon after I began my journey to improve my art and hone in what subjects I was interested in, a friend helped create the name Nice Guys Photography. As simple as it was, it represented two guys who sought out to photograph the world around them and capture moments that elicited raw emotions. For myself it remained photographing portraits, inclusively weddings and fashion. As we built the foundation for this imaging studio, we decided that Nice Guys Photography no longer suited our work. Don't get me wrong, we are still Nice Guys (chuckle), but we now present more options in our products and services, thus becoming "Studios". For example, we now offer various services including beauty, media, and retouching aside from photography. You may ask, "Well how about Avari?". great question, we needed a simple but meaningful name and found Avari fitting. Avari means from the Heavens, or heavenly. We take pride in our works and hold our services and products with extremely high expectations. By providing our clients with luxury services and products, we aim to raise the bar for current imaging services around the world. We hope that you will continue to support our work and become part of our family.

Much love,

Avari Studios, Phi Pham