Dear Brides-To-Be... A Photographer is Your Best(est) Friend!

Dear Brides-To-Be,

Your wedding day is the day where you tie the knot with the love of your life. This is the day where you should enjoy every single hour, minute, and second because well, it's YOUR special day. Unfortunately, with the amount of work that comes with a wedding, too many brides incur stress on their wedding day. Let's be honest, the preparations up to your wedding day, including: booking venues, finding the right flowers, cake tasting, trying on half the wedding dresses that you see, oh, and lets not forget the invitation card that never made it to your Aunt Martha, will bring inevitable stress. It is important to control what you can but also sit back and let others help you. Photographers are one of those people. We are vital and key players in your wedding because although you only pay us for our imaging services and products, you get so much more than that.

A great photographer will not only document your special day with care and efficiency, but will also be a wedding planner, therapist, tailor, waiter/waitress. and at the end of the day your best friend. I have never photographed a wedding where everything was perfectly aligned with the schedule. Something ALWAYS happens, and as photographers, we must help keep you on schedule. Aside from being your planner, we are also therapist. It's your special day where you make the commitment of your life. So when a single strand of hair sticks out, we have to be there to reassure you that everything will be alright, because it will. I remember a couple of times where something happened to a bride's dress or a groom's suit (either there was a small tear or a button fell off). A prepared photographer will have bobby pins or pin clips. Is it our job to cater to any and every problem during your wedding outside of photography? Not necessarily, but it IS our job to make you look and feel beautiful. Now, this could only be accomplished if we can help resolve any problems that may arise. So, brides-to-be, find a great photographer(s), because at the end of the day, we are your best friends and we wouldn't want it any other way.