Cam & Tai (Our Lady of Lavang, Albuquerque, NM Wedding Photography)

So often do I hear from my friends, " Long distance never works...", and for some, that may be the case. This last weekend though, I've witnessed something otherwise. I witnessed two people, living more than half a country away from each other, tying the knot. I heard the secret to long distance and long periods without each other is SKYPE and mileage credit cards. Those points definitely add up! Scrolling down my Facebook timeline I can recall a quote about long distance relationships, "Distance is only a measure to see how far love can travel." From what I can see, it's traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles from New Hampshire to New Mexico and vice versa. I hear that the groom is now in New Hampshire with his lovely bride. Cheers to the closeness that you both whole-heartedily deserve and good luck... dealing with the snow won't be easy!

Avari Studios, Phi Pham